Newborn photography with a difference!

Apologies for being a little quiet on the blogging front recently; it’s been a busy old time with Theo turning 5, the Easter holidays and I am also currently in the middle of a photography workshop called ‘Composition & Creativity’. Lots of photos to come once I have finished the workshop so for now I thought I’d share the snaps I took at the local farm where we went to watch the ickle lambies being born.

In Theo’s words it was “wonderful and messy” so for those of you who’d prefer not to see all the gore I’ve kindly converted the offending photos into black and white!

Waiting for the action to start.

About to be a Mum

Theo’s favourite photo of mine!

Hello little lambieThe neighbours pop over to say hello.A kiss for MumLearning to walk within 30 minutes of being born.

What an amazing experience.

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