Ineffable Wanderlust – Uitwaaien

It is our third month in our collaborative blog series entitled Ineffable Wanderlust. We are a group of photographers from around the world exploring photographic inspirations through a series of words. You’ll find the whole of our monthly series of photos and my other personal projects here.

This months word is Uitwaaien which is Dutch.  Literally, this Dutch word means to walk in the wind, but in the more figurative (and commonly used) sense, it means to take a brief break in the country side to clear one’s head. 

The English weather remains a constant influence on my photos and I often find myself talking (and moaning!) about the English weather so how perfect to have a word like uitwaaien and its strong connection with Mother Nature. Theo and I ended up with an unexpectedly free weekend and rather than sit around the house we took the opportunity to go away for a few days and enjoy the beauty of the Cotswolds for our Uitwaaien. The Cotswolds is the name for an area of rural England covered in gentle rolling hills ‘wolds’ and quintessentially English villages with pretty honey coloured stone cottages.

Faded skies and a chilly wind meant we wrapped up warm as we head out on this March day, it still felt quite wintry with cheery daffodils reminding us that spring was just around the corner.  We decided to explore the grounds of Blenheim Palace the home of the Dukes of Marlborough our namesakes the Spencer-Churchill family.

Theo and Bella started our walk with enthusiasm, I think Bella could have kept this pace up for the whole walk!

Up our first wold to visit the Column of Victory.

Bellatrix got rather over excited to see sheep and Theo had to hold tight on her lead.

Taking a few moments rest at the top of the hill and grabbing a quick portrait of my happy lad.

Next we walked onto one of the many bridges across the lakes at Blenheim.

Uitwaaien puppy style, the wind blowing her ears around.

I said pose like you own the place and Theo pointed out that as a Spencer it probably does belong to him!

Right up for a nose through the gates before heading back around the other side of the lake and down into the village of Woodstock.

Most of our walks finish this way, Bellatrix keen to walk for more miles and Theo lying down and reusing to budge!

These photos were all taken with the Fuji xt-2 and the Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 lens which makes a nice lightweight combination when you are walking for miles.  The x-t2 is my third Fuji camera and I often use it when traveling and it is a brilliant camera when light is good – have a look at the photos I took in Venice here to show you what it can do – yet I am still not convinced that it could replace my Nikon DLSR.  Give these mirror less cameras another couple of years and I think they will get there but until then I am just going to have to keep up those upper arm exercises so I have the strength to lug around the 3kg combination of Nikon 4Ds and 70-200mm lens.

Please do now carry on around our Ineffable Wanderlust Blog Circle to visit Linda Hooper in New York here.

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  • Anna1st April 2017 - 2:56 pm

    What a beautiful country and castle/house! I can see us spending a weekend over there. Beautiful photos and yes this is uitwaaien. 😊ReplyCancel

  • Julie Skelton31st March 2017 - 6:45 pm

    It’s brilliant that you 3 were able to to take a break – what a perfect choice of location, so suitable for this month’s theme. Love the windy puppy ears too!ReplyCancel