Ineffable Wanderlust – Mellifluous in Tenerife

Welcome to April and the 4th month in our regular blog circle and photo challenge series Ineffable Wanderlust. We are a group of female photographers from around the world who love to photograph our travels, whether that be close to home or further afield. Every month during our travels we we use a word to spark photographic inspirations and see where that word will take us. If you would like to read any of the previous word challenges you will find them all together here.  Our word this month is Mellifluous “A sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear.”  How to photograph a sound?  Now that is a challenge!

My travels this month took us to the Spanish island of Tenerife for a family holiday away from the cold of England.  We had our fingers crossed that the weather would be kind to us and that we would enjoy exploring this rocky Canary Island just off the coast of Africa. Our hopes were delivered and we had a week of fun in the sun enjoying as much of Tenerife as we could.  Throughout our holiday I kept our word Mellifluous with me as a prompt and I just loved the way thinking about sounds added an extra layer of awareness when I was behind my camera.

We made good use of the hotel swimming pool, Theo and Justin splashing around giggling a sweet and soothing mellifluous sound for sure. Can you hear the squeals of joy when you look at the photo of Justin launching Theo out of the swimming pool?

But as much as I loved seeing my family have fun in the pool or on the beach the huge highlight of this holiday was the day we explored the national park in the middle of Tenerife including the amazing Mount Teide a real life volcano!

We could see the famous volcano from our hotel balcony far off in the distance.  Often the clouds covered the peak but on the morning of our planned visit to Mount Teide I sat on our balcony watching the sun rise and the sky fill with a beautiful pinky light illuminating the whole of the mountain range.  At this time in the morning it was quiet aside from the birds singing and as I sat there listening to their mellifluous song it was a wonderful calming start before the excitement of the day ahead visiting the volcano up close.

Mount Teide

I drove our little hire car higher and higher along twisty mountain roads ever onward to the mountain in the distance.  Along the way we stopped off to look at the lava fields and climb some of the smaller peaks in this strange landscape.  It felt like we had entered a space age movie set so we were not surprised to learn this national park has been the backdrop to many a movie.

Mount Teide

We reached what Theo called volcano base camp, 2356m up and home to the cable car that would take us the final 1000m up to the very top.  Being so high we already noticed the temperature had dropped from a warm 27 degrees Celsius to a cooler 20 degrees, time to zip up coats and put on jumpers ready for the cable car ride up to the summit where the temperature was a frosty zero degrees.  When we stepped out of the cable car at the top it felt like we were in another world. At 3555m the air felt thinner as well as colder, the sky was a different darker shade of blue then I have ever seen before and the light was bright and harsh.  We could look back down into the crater of the volcano with its dried lava and yellow splashes of sulfurous rock.

Mount Teide

We took ourselves off to explore along the rocky paths quickly leaving our fellow cable car passengers behind. Being so high we were above the clouds, in fact there were a long way below us as you can see in the second photo of the group that is the Canary Islands of La Palma and La Gomera through the clouds in the blue sea below. My favourite Mellifluous moment came when we were sitting as a family on some lava rocks listening to the sounds you can hear at the top of a volcano – which is absolutely nothing aside from your own heart beat.  I have never been anywhere so silent.  No electronic white noise, no people, no airplane hum and even no sound from the weather.  It was totally silent and the longer we sat the more acclimatised you become to just hearing your heart beating.  Truly amazing and most Mellifluous.

Mount Teide

If you are lucky enough to visit Tenerife you really must visit Mount Teide National Park and book your trip on the cable car, what an amazing experience we had that day.

Please do now carry on around our blog circle to visit my dear friend Anna Francken over in the Netherlands who will be sharing her Melliflous photos with us, link HERE.

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  • Ana3rd May 2017 - 11:53 am

    Fantastic interpretation Rebecca. I have Tenerife on my list of places to visit one day. I love how the clouds are below you and the throught of absolute silence is almost unthinkable these days. Just the click of your camera high above the clouds.ReplyCancel

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